Öhlins S3MX & Enduro Selective Steering Stabilizer


This is the answer for situations when you either don't get enough support from your steering damper or the handling of the bike suffers because you get too much damping from the steering damper when no damping is needed.

The S3 stabilizes the ride and thanks to patented technology selects when and if the rider needs assistance. As long as the rider is in charge of the handle bars and with all the force derived from there the Steering Stabilizer provides no damping at all.

The rider controls the bike and the front wheel allowing for a natural feel of the bike and free movement of the front end. It is also tuned to not affect the rider's movement of the bike while jumping.

However, when an outside force like a stone or another object puts force to the front wheel the system activates instantly. Thanks to a torsion bar on top of the fork bridge the torque occurring from the outside force hitting the front wheel activates the valves in the Selective Steering Stabilizer.

The sudden fast movement is filtered away and the rider maintains the control of the bike.

The Selective Steering Stabilizer is easy to use, no adjustments are needed as the system adapts to the forces affecting the front wheel. it is a solely mechanically and hydraulically designed system.

It is integrated with the öhlins upper triple clamp which comes with the Selective Steering Stabilizer. It has already been tested by numerous top riders in Mx, Rally Raid and Enduro with great results and will be available for all major Mx and Enduro models.

  • Patented design
  • High quality triple clamp
  • Maintenance possibilities
  • Unique function without electrical power