Öhlins Group N

Developed and modified for Group N rally classes.


This shock is developed for the rally Group N class.

The front strut is a Twin Piston McPherson strut with a 44 mm diameter piston, three way adjusted with one-way rebound and two-way compression. The rear damper is a Twin Tube TTX44 with a 44 mm piston and it’s four-way adjusted.

Both front and rear are fully pressure balanced, eliminating the risk of cavitation and due to low gas pressure they keep the internal friction low.

  • TPX44 McPherson strut (Front)
  • 44 mm twin piston (Front)
  • PDS (Progressive Damping System) (Front)
  • 3-way adjusted, one rebound and two way compression (Front)
  • TTX44 Twin Tube shock absorber (Rear)
  • 44 mm single piston (Rear)
  • PDS (Progressive Damping System) (Rear)
  • 4-way adjusted, course rebound adjuster in the shaft, single rebound adjuster in the cylinder head and a two-way compression adjuster (Rear)