Öhlins RXF36 EVO 29″ Coil

Now even better performing and even more reliable than ever, the new EVO upgrade takes the TTX-equipped RXF36 fork to the next level


The original RXF36 fork was well received for its fantastic big hit control and class-leading chassis performance. However, feedback from some quarters on how the fork handled smaller impacts was not quite so positive, so we decided to boost its performance.

The resulting EVO upgrade combines the original RXF36’s superb big hit performance with increased small bump sensitivity for better trail tracking. This gives RXF36 EVO a super-smooth feel in all trail conditions and gives riders higher levels of traction and ride predictability.

On winding trails strewn with roots and rocks, with its ground-hugging traction and super-plush feel, the RXF36 EVO Coil will help you maintain momentum and give you enhanced bike control without any performance loss over longer runs. When riding trails with more demanding features, the unparalleled big hit absorption provided by the TTX damper will give you the confidence to push your bike harder and ride faster than ever before.

The EVO upgrades to the RXF 36 27.5″ Coil are:

  • SKF seals to increase performance in wet conditions and improve longevity.
  • A redesigned piston that reduces breakaway force and better controlled pressure build up at higher shaft speeds.
  • Adjusted bushing play to meet our enduro race team’s specifications.

Our TTX technology (twin tube design) enables parallel and separated oil flow to ensures optimal pressures at all times. Controlling the pressure levels in this way ensures initial stroke smoothness and allows the fork to stay high in its travel to maintain small bump absorption, providing excellent traction and stability.

The RXF36 EVO’s adjustment range is specifically designed for tough trails, with 15 clicks of low-speed compression and low-speed rebound for total suspension control. For high-speed compression, you get five clicks plus a climb mode setting. Clicker dials make for easy on-the-fly, tool-free adjustments.

Seven different coil spring rates ensure you always have the optimum spring rate, while a forged unicrown gives maximum stiffness and minimum chassis flex for unbeatable tire control.

Existing RXF36 Coil owners can give their fork all the advantages of the EVO upgrade with our easy to install, retro-fitable EVO-kit.

Just like every product fitted with TTX damping technology, the RXF36 EVO has a race-proven settings bank giving access to a huge range of options for tuning the damper to suit any specific rider, bike or riding style.

  • TTX-technology
  • Available in 27.5 and 29” versions
  • SKF seals
  • Reworked piston
  • Adjusted bushing play
  • External rebound adjustment, 15 clicks
  • External low-speed compression adjustment, 15 clicks
  • External 5 click high-speed compression adjustment with climb mode
  • Seven different coil rates
  • Tapered Steerer Tube
  • Available in 140mm, 150mm and 160mm travel
  • 51mm offset
  • 15x110mm Boost-width axle
  • 36mm stanchion tubes